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Our schooling lifetime is and should be one of the most exciting, invigorating, and successful periods of our lives.  Often this is not met through the norms of typical schooling. At Ambition International School we are aiming for much higher laurels in that we want every learner to exit with great success, personal and professional development while enjoying an atmosphere that is relaxing and comforting.

"Our mission is to provide safe, nurturing surroundings that grow personal integrity, responsibility, self respect, and empathy for others, together with fostering a sense of community and an appreciation of our diverse cultural heritage. All our children have the right to a high quality, rigorous education that takes care of their individual needs."

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An exclusive Private School in Gordon's Bay

The Sky's The Limit

We provide a dedicated and safe learning environment focused on guiding your children through their academic lives to success, combined with learning strategies such as the Trivium method of education in all teachings and then leveraging MobyMax Curriculum to extend technology beyond the classroom into the home.

Flexibility for Growth

Class Setup

Our pre-school learners are grouped together and within their age group from four years old.

Once learners start formal schooling they enter our grouped class that incorporates Grade 1 to 4.  Our second grouping is for Grades 5 to 8 and then they enter the final sprint cumulating into the Grade 8 to 12 for their Matric equivalent.

Grouping children allows for positive interaction across age groups as well as being able to advance ahead of their grade based on their unique progress or being able to retrograde to plug challenging areas of their studies.

As per the SA Schools Act, children must be in Grade 1 by the time they reach the age of 7.  Admission to Grade 1 may be granted to a child reaching the age of 6 by June 30th, and into Grade R on reaching the age of 5.

The Sky's The Limit with our

Passionate Teachers

Our teachers are selected for their love and passion for education.  Using a flexible schedule, teachers within a private school setting can adjust the course of learning offering a blended approach for the betterment of all learners.

Leveraging our systems, teachers can monitor all learner’s progress and can remotely assist them even when off-campus.  Even learners who are inactive and showing no progress can be supported immediately.

Teachers can access progress reports and look at data and find leaners who need help on a particular standard.  With the systems teachers can pull learners into focused sessions to reteach and help with concepts where they are weak in, tailoring their instruction.

Enabling the Digital Transition

Tools Required

All learners are required to source their own “tools” for the job:

Laptop – with the following minimum specifications:

A Learning Platform to fill Gaps or excel

MobyMax Curriculum

We use the advanced MobyMax international recognised curriculum to help our students progress quickly, efficiently and at their pace.  From award-winning curriculum to algebra, from formative assessments in State Standards Checker to benchmark tests in Benchmarker, from adaptive practice to fluency games, MobyMax is a comprehensive and complete education solution.

This is the premier technical education platform in the world, having achieved over 215 education awards (ten times the closest competitor) in helping learners close their learning gaps and help challenge gifted students.  

Teachers have enrolled over 15 million kids in MobyMax, which is used in more than 50% of all K-8 schools in the United States.

Exploring how MobyMax benefits you...

Supporting and Motivating Learners

Learners are supported constantly by their teachers in their home room class and can also see when learners are actively working or when idle, either being distracted or struggling and need assistance.

Learners are also able to work remotely in times when they cannot come into campus due to external factors of any kind, such as lockdowns.  Learners can reach out at any time via the built-in platform messenger and can request assistance and be helped remotely as though they were in the classroom.

The reason MobyMax’s effectiveness is double that of other leading solutions is that learners are motivated not only with Real Rewards, but also a dozen different motivation modules, from badges to game time.The secret sauce of MobyMax is finding the right blend that maximises student motivation but minimizes the amount of “motivation” time to achieve the results.

Baseline Assessment

Arguably the biggest threat and challenge for any learner within a group environment, is that everyone learns at their own cognitive pace.  This typically is good for some and bad for others when more challenging work is encountered, and some learners start falling behind (especially if they have gaps in previous work or even past years.)

In a traditional school system, the teacher cannot possibly customize a special plan for those not keeping up and by the time the learning-gap is not identified, its likely at the year-end exams and that lower competency is “written in-stone.”  The learner moves onto the next grade, never to remedy those lacking areas.  Over the years this creates large holes in understanding and that relates in to challenges within a specific subject forever.

A highly successful strategy of our MobyMax curriculum is that each learner completes a baseline assessment at the start of their year.  This creates a customized and unique learning path, with the correct curriculum for the learner to plug any learning gaps or alternatively be challenged to advance ahead, while they work on their own proficiency level and at their own pace.

Learners automatically begin fixing missing skills from the automatic placement test and over time will catch up entirely.

Subject Choice

Programmes are offered in English. Children with Afrikaans as their home language quickly adapt to the English MobyMax, working at their own pace.

The learning curriculum currently focuses on seven complete feature subjects covering all grades between kindergarten and grade 9 (K-G9):  Maths, English Home Language (language, handwriting, creative writing and reading), Physics, Biology, History, Geography, EMS (Economics.)

For our high school students, exams will depend on the matric option they have chosen.

Parent Monitoring

Parents and teachers can log in at any time to view their child or learner’s progress from the parent portal.  Each learner works on advancing their proficiency level at their own pace. This feature makes our programme ideal for learners that have fallen behind and also for exceptional students who need a challenge.

MobyMax's completely integrated system shows 360-degree progress monitoring as well as reporting for student, parent, teacher, principal, and district administrators.  All content and reporting are available online at any time.

Assessments and Exams

In real adult life, we discover that our work and learning are often observed by real-time assessment and monitoring. 

To mirror this, our learners in grades K – 9 do not write exams as we prefer the continuous assessment approach, identifying and correcting issues or challenging learners on the fly, adjusting their learning curriculum.  Assessments are administered and reported on by the MobyMax system.


We do not have a policy to enforce additional homework on the learners.  We know as parents, work brought home often becomes an additional negative factor on the professional working parents and even creates stress between the child-parent relationship.  For this reason, we do not typically set homework.However, remember that the curriculum is always available online with your child’s progress, 24/7.  We rather suggest that parents can bond with their child and gently monitor progress by accessing their work with their child and encourage their performance.  Sometimes the learner may also want to do additional preparation for upcoming assessments.

We would rather encourage parents to creating bonding time, reading books and stories of interest with their children, and practising times tables and creating fun games out of learning exercises.

Preparing for Graduation from Grade 9

As learners enter the last stretch from Grade 9 onwards we offer multiple ways to prepare for graduation.  

GED® or American High School Diploma (AHSD.)

The GED® is a trusted, internationally recognised high school equivalency credential offered by the GED® Testing Service.

The Advanced American High School Diploma, also called College Prep or Honors Diploma and despite the name, is equivalent to the Cambridge A levels, South African Matric or “Grade 13.”

You can study further or get a better job with a GED® or AHSD credential. It opens the doors to the next step in your education or working career and it’s a foreign grade 12 equivalent.  SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the National Senior Certificate (NQF level 4) as its closest comparable qualification.

We mention this for our younger learners in order to understand the progression and will break it down further as we discuss each grade category and graduation options following.

Flexibility for Growth

Trivium Method

This method comprises of the first three rules-based subjects of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences. As these disciplines are learned and practiced together, they form the central, cooperative system for establishing clarity and consistency of personal thought called the Trivium.

During our afternoon session, learners incorporate critical-cross-field learning such as times tables, reading and writing incorporating the Trivium Method.

The three subjects are:

General Grammar

Grammar and communication within our world are vital.  Learners understand to answer the questions of Who, What, Where and When of a subject and improve their grammar and communication skills with systematic knowledge.

Formal Logic

This answers the Why of a subject.  This builds an understanding of learning facts, the big picture and why things are the way they are and why they work with systematic understanding.

Classical Rhetoric

Over time learners will hone their skills to provide the How of a subject.  Applying their knowledge and understanding from the first two, this successfully comprises wisdom.

Peace and Outdoors

Farm Style Environment

Having our campus situated in a farm environment is often overlooked as an acute advantage.  Research has proved time and again that a happy child in a peaceful environment aids learning.

All learners have the advantage of wide-open spaces and the ability to interact, feed and learn about farmyard animals on the campus, getting some of the best pollution-free-air in the world, into their lungs.

Children are free to bring their bicycles with to ride around the campus getting additional exercise and playtime.

Be Safe and Confident Around Water

Learn to Swim

Over 400 000 people die annually from drowning, and this could be radically overcome if children learned this amazing skill. All children are advanced through a swimming programme designed to give them confidence and safety in the water.

Once a week all learners will have a lesson in our tropically warm indoor filtered pool on campus. As we highly believe in this skill this activity is included for all learners.

Fun and Incentives

Splash Park

As we have a Splash Park on campus as part of the swimming pool, it will be opened on special extra hot days or as a special treat or privilege.


Projects and Interests

Creative Fridays

Friday is such a fun day we’ve kept it dedicated to learning but “flipped the classroom” by mixing in alternate activities that all too often are overlooked these days.

Activities such as typing, and creative projects are just some of the fun interests learners will experience come Fridays.

Increase Oxygen and Flexibility

Exercise Classes

Leaners attend a weekly strategy to reduce stress and help increase flexibility, balance and fitness (and a variety of other health conditions).

Snacks and nutrition

Lunch and Tuck Shop

We focus our primary energies on providing an exceptional educational experience for your most precious asset – your children.  How they traverse this part of their life and how successful they are during this time will forge them into the powerhouses of tomorrow.

While nutrition forms part of this journey we believe that the family unit is most knowledgeable and best geared for understanding the incredible complexities that come with learners’ tastes, allergies, cultures, daily preferences, and palate desires.

Kindly pack a nutritious lunch that your child will enjoy.

An on-campus tuck shop will be opened during breaks that offer learners snacks, drinks, and hot beverages.

Supporting You

Holiday Care Classes

We understand that parents don’t get the holiday benefits that school going children do, so we do offer a Holiday Care programme where children can enjoy the farm style environment in a safe setting.

Loving other points of view

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A "Day in the Life" at our campus

Daily Schedule

Drop off (07h30 to 08h00)

Core School (08h00 to 13h30)

School starts at 08h00 and runs through to 13h30.  At appropriate times, there will be two encompassed short breaks for a snack, fresh air and getting in some stretching.

Lunch (13h30 to 14h00)

Trivium Method – Grade 4 and up. (14h00 to 15h00)

After lunch learners, return to learning for the final session of the day wherein we incorporate critical field learning such as times tables, reading and writing incorporating the Trivium Method.

Formal School Ends (13h30 for Grade 1-3 and 15h00 for the rest of the school)

Aftercare (provided up to 17h30)

Learners are monitored but allowed to play around the campus on the jungle gym, riding their bicycles, animal feeding and enjoying the farm style environment.

Holiday care (08h00 to 17h30)

Group of Kids (536x536)-T

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